Where I let you see, what I see :)

I went to the beach today with my friends.. soooo I took some pics! 

2 of them is soooo good! :D 

Will be up soon :)

Hey everyone, 

I know I said I would have more photo's up by now, but I have been real busy sorting them out on my computer so it's easy for me to upload it on here, I should have more photo's up soon :) 
Hello and welcome to my photography website ! 

I am not a professional or anything I just love taking photo's and showing them off. 

I will make this website better and have more photos soon.

I will make a contact page but for now:

If you would like to get in touch with me, then contact me on: 
basicallybooks@live.co.uk !  - Spam will be deleted! 


Tara's Photography